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Leather repairs
Excellent leather craftmanship and leather reparation services
Bespoke Leather products

Our History

Chan Yew is a business of three generations specializing in bespoke exotic leather goods and luxury leather goods reparations. With over 80 years of experience, Chan Yew strives to provide excellent leather craftsmanship and leather reparation services.

Quality made to last

Chan Yew Leather Bags Manufacturer was established by Mr Chan Yew himself in 1941.

We first started out in a little shopfront located along Prinsep Street, manufacturing handbags, belts and leather accessories.


Having a comprehensive knowledge in bag architecture and leather accessory designs, Chan Yew ventured into repairs of branded and luxury leather goods in the 1980s and have been providing high quality reparation for major international fashion houses and customers. Drawing on our niche industry experience, Chan Yew has built a strong reputation within the luxury fashion houses and watch industry.


Believing that the epitome of luxury is customization, Chan Yew provides bespoke leather goods and watch straps perfected for each individual to cater to their unique taste and fashion


Today, Chan Yew has adopted a progressive approach, tapping on advanced technology and machinery to enhance our production processes. With the use of advanced technology coupled with our team of experienced leather artisan, we are able to deliver quality products that meet the growing needs of our customers.

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