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Products and Services

Bespoke exotic leather goods

Reparation of luxury leather goods

Leather alteration

Bespoke exotic leather goods

Bespoke exotic leather goods

Our quality craftsmanship coupled with a vast range of colors enable our clients to customise their very own leather pieces

Bespoke leather goods includes

- Belts

- Clutches

- Handbags

- Phone Covers

- Passport holders

- Pouches

- Wallets

-Watch straps

And many others...

Reparation of luxury leather gods

Reparation of luxury leather goods

With a comprehensive knowledge of leather bag architecture and accessory designs, we provide high quality reparation for major international fashion houses and walk-in customers 

Common repairs includes

- Custom make handles, straps to replace

- Replace Inner lining (Fabric/Leather)

- Reinforcement of leather chapes

- Stitching and reinforcements

- Change buttons and studs

- Change handle pipings

- Replace zip and pullers

- Edge paint revarnishing

- Repair torn edges, etc.


And many others...

Leather Alteration

Leather Alteration

Our team provides alteration services to luxury brands and watch boutiques to ensure that the end customers leave with a product that is made to measure

Shortening services 


- Belts

- Shoulder straps

- Watch Straps

Crocodile skin

Vast array of colors available

Threads and materials

Wide array of threads available


Strap Alteration

Bespoke Watch Straps

Bespoke Watch Straps

Repair - Change lining

Lining replacement


Watch strap alteration

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